• Shantanu Joshi: I am interested in ecology, taxonomy and biogeography of odonates. I completed by Bachelor's in Science from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai after which I worked at National Centre for Biological Sciences with Deepa Agashe's Adaptation Lab to study polymorphism in Agriocnemis pygmaea. I recently finished Master's in Wildlife Biology, Conservation and Management from Bhavan's College, Mumbai. I am a Curator of order Odonata in the Biodiversity Research Collections  at NCBS, Bengaluru. Email me for further information.
  • Dattaprasad Sawant: I am a Doctor by profession and graduated from Grant Govt Medical College & Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. My hometown is Devgad, a small, beautiful town along the coastline of Sindhudurg District. I have observed butterflies and dragonflies since I was little but started taking an interest in them since 2013. I am self taught photographer, which paved my way into the world of odonate, that has now become more of a scientific study than just mere observations. I have described five new odonate species from the Western Ghats and NE India. Currently I am working on documenting biodiversity of Lepidoptera & Odonates of Devgad and nearby area. For more information email me.
  • Aaratrik Pal: I'm broadly interested in odonates, butterflies and wild plants. I have completed my Master's in Botany and now pursuing PhD from University of North Bengal. My passion works for photographing odonates and learning more about them. I'm also working on a site in my regional language (Bengali). For more information email me.
  • Krushnamegh Kunte: I am a naturalist broadly interested in biodiversity, conservation and citizen science. I am an Associate Professor at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), TIFR, Bengaluru, where my research lab investigates diversification and adaptation in insects. I also serve as the Chief Editor of the Biodiversity Atlas – India project, of which this website is a part. Read more on my lab website or email me if you are interested in my research work and in the Biodiversity Atlas – India platform.
  • Veino Family (Rakoveine, Lightson, Joyce, Dahru): We are a family based in Dimapur, Nagaland, that enjoys all the wonderful creatures around us and in turn hope to raise awareness for their conservation. After studying many of the local Lepidoptera life cycles, we “discovered” the beauty of odonates. We have been thrilled to document more than 60 species within steps of our home over the last few years. We have also helped rediscover and record range extensions for a few species and hope to keep doing so.

    Former team members: Prosenjit Dawn, Vinayan P Nair, Purnendu Roy, Kalesh Sadasivan, Subramanian KA.

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