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Welcome to Odonata of India. Vision behind the creation of this website was to create the first, peer-reviewed, internet-based and open resource for Indian Odonata. It is a sister of the Butterflies of India and Cicadas of India websites.
There are around 5,680 species of Odonata known from all over the globe with almost all of them dependant on freshwater habitats for their reproduction. Many species often have small distributions and are habitat specific, hence they are often successfully used as indicators for environmental health and conservation management.
Approximately 503 species of odonates occur in India with around 186 species being endemic. The endemic Odonate fauna of India is largely concentrated in two biodiversity hotspots of India, viz., Western Ghats and Northeast India.

This is a sister website of Butterflies of India. This website was designed as a central database on Indian Odonata which will include photographic records, distributional and population data, natural history information, ecology. This website will also serve to spread awareness about conservation of these insects. We have used the "citizen science" model in which anyone can contribute to our ever-growing website (The list of species pages can be accessed here). You can get involved right away by contributing images of Indian Odonata, contributing articles or by just spreading the word about this website.

Please follow this link to register and start contributing images: Submit Observations
(Please write to regarding any queries.) 

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